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The Messages of My Dreams

40 Years dreams Diary

(Prophecies, Warnings and Reminders)

ISBN 978-1-908147-99-8

Each dream has an explanation: when they turned into reality, how they guided me, how they helped other people and some dreams have interpretations and bible verses.

This book was published in the UK in December 2010.



The Messages

Conversation with God against Satan

My Dreams and Visions in Seven Days

ISBN 978-1-906801-30-4


This  book was published in the UK in August 2010. 


These are my dreams and visions in seven days:





The Messages

Miscellaneous prose and poetry

ISBN 978-1-905006-35-9


This book was published in the UK December 2006..





Mga Mensahe

Ilonggo/Hiligaynon book.

ISBN 978-0-9957299-1-9


This book was published in 2017.

Dira Lang Sa Sapa

Ilonggo/Hiligaynon book.


Uk £6.99

Ph 350

Plus P&P

UK 4.99

 Ph 350

Plus P&P


Day by Day inspirations.

ISBN 978-178876-191-8


Published in January 2018



Laurie's first children's book.

Good for children under 5.

Published in 2017



Lauries Latest Book.

UK £5.99

Ph 350

Plus P&P

UK £7.99