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This book is a collection of miscellaneous prose and poetry.  This is about my life, my dreams and visions.  The first part of this book is my diary in seven days, my dreams and visions from 10th to 16th October 2009.  The second part is miscellaneous prose and poetry; my experiences, my beliefs and what’s happening around us. 


Poetry really helps me express my feelings, whether I am happy or sad. I would just hold my pen and paper then write and write, sometimes I would go straight to my computer then my fingers would be busy clicking the keyboards.  After a while, if I had finished a poem then I would ask myself; where did I get these words?  I know that words keep flowing inside my head as if I felt that I am only dreaming when sleeping, without thinking what to write or not knowing what is happening around me. There were times that I would dream the two lines of a poem, then I would write it in my diary when I woke up but my pen would not stop writing, words would keep flowing until I had finished the whole poem then I could still write more poems, up to five poems.  I only stopped when I became tired. 


My writings in this book are a mixture of my sad and happy memories.  I have written my testimony to the power and love of God; how Jesus touched me where my pain was then I was healed after three days. During that time, I was limping and sometimes I was crawling, I suffered for over six months. My pain worsened when I remembered the chain of tragedies; the sickness of my mother when I was six and when I was seven she died. When I was a teenager, my father and I got ill together at the same time, sadly he died six months later leaving me seriously ill.  I then had my operation in the hospital and my life was saved but my nephew died in an accident on the same day.  In less than a year my elder brother died, then about a year later, I got ill again.  That was the time I lost hope and nearly ended my own life.  I thought, to end my life is to end all my sufferings.


Before I fully recovered from my illness, I dreamt that I saw a very old man coming towards me and that I was waiting for him. When he arrived at my front, he told me that he had something for me.  I saw him holding a stone then he put it on his breast over his heart and to my surprise it split into two equal parts.  He let me choose which half I wanted. In his left hand was a stone for me to become wealthy and in his right was a stone for healing. I chose the healing stone and he immediately handed it to me and held my hands tight, then he asked “Why don’t you want to be wealthy”?  I answered, “I want to help people; young and old, poor and wealthy. By the time the wealthy will be healed, some wealth will be shared with me then I will become wealthy so that I can heal and help more people. I believed He is God the Father as His face resembles to Jesus Christ. I also believe that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one.


In another dream, I heard a male voice that echoed and He told me, “You go, you go to a far away place because you have a mission, I am only your protector and the salvation of all nations”, I was awakened with that voice.  After a while, I went back to sleep and had this dream that I saw seven to nine women, not really sure how many. Their first names are all Mary except the Virgin Mary and she said “You have to go to a far away place because you have a mission, we are always with you, guiding you”.  This dream reminds me of my first dream when I was about thirteen that the angels took me to heaven.  Up there were more angels and many children and they all welcomed me happily. Heaven is so beautiful; full of everything we need which is full of love and happiness.  The Virgin Mary was also there and I understand that she is the mother in heaven, but she sent me back here on earth.  I then had a chance to tell people what is Heaven or Paradise. The Virgin Mary visited me for the second time in a dream. She was holding a coconut stick and she pointed it to my head then a white silvery light crowned me and spread down to my whole body. I have written these dreams into poetry and they can be read in the second part of this book.  


In this book, I have also written some of my predictions and dreams/visions, almost all of them have already turned into reality. The readers will learn some lessons in this book that will uplift them and they will acquire more knowledge in understanding of the meaning of life.  This book testifies how I fully understand God, which will guide and help the readers in their day to day activities.  I have written this book to share my special gift from God and how I acquired the blessings and graces from Him.  Miracles do happen if you believe, love and trust the Almighty God.  In this book, I am sharing the messages of God and these are my own messages which are love and peace.


To live is to love, to love is to be happy, to be happy is to live with God Almighty for He is love.  Millions of people, thousands of beliefs and hundreds of religions but God is only one. His power is universal and the most powerful. Prayer is the only tool to drive away evil spirits. If there is love there is no hatred and greed. If there is no hatred and greed there is no fight and war and the world will be in peace.  Our salvation is in the hands of Almighty God our Lord. God Bless everyone.


Text Box: Laurie’s Creations
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