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The above message is the first line I wrote when one night I couldn’t sleep sometime in January 2003.  After midnight while turning over and over I got up and went to my altar and prayed.  After praying I didn't know what to do, while thinking I spotted a pen and paper so I wrote the first line above in big words.  After writing, my head became blank and I felt sleepy.  I went back to bed but I couldn’t sleep, just kept turning over and over.  I got up, went back to my altar, then words flowed in my head and this is what I wrote. 


Then my head became blank again and I felt sleepy so I went back to bed again, but I couldn’t sleep.  That took me more or less an hour of turning over and over again.  I got up again and went back to my altar.  While I was thinking what to do, the words flowed in my head and I wrote the next line. 


My head became blank again and I felt very tired, then I went back to bed but the same thing happened, still I couldn’t sleep just kept turning and turning over and over again.  I became frustrated and I got up again, went back to my altar.  Immediately words flowed in my head again and I wrote another line. 


My head became blank again and the same thing happened, I felt sleepy.  Again I went back to bed but the same thing happened, I kept turning over and over.  Around one hour later I felt more frustrated with turning over and over again.  I got up and did the same thing.  I went back to my altar and the same thing happened, words flowed in my head and I wrote one more line. 


The same thing happened, my head became blank again and I went back to bed.  I couldn’t sleep, I kept turning over and over again.  I got up and went back to my altar again.  In my frustration I kept talking and asking myself, what will I do?  Then I called God and I asked if there were some more words.  In my head flowed “no more go to sleep”.  I went back to bed and immediately I was fast asleep. 

I woke up very late about midday and felt excited and happy.  After eating I went to my altar and looked at my writing.  I was thinking about what was happening to all my family, friends and other people around the world.  I decided to write a message to all of them.  The messages I have written above “The Power Of God, The Power of Love, Peace around the world, Happiness around the world, and Healing around the world” was the heading of my message all in capitals and in big letters.  Then my greeting was this “To all my brothers and sister around the world,” and  my message started with this “The power is God, God is Love, Love is share, Share is guide, Guide is spirit, Spirit is holy, Holy is dream, Dream is vision, Vision is future, Past is written and present is happening.  Then I left a gap to write my next message.  What flowed in my head was my birthplace, and then I remembered my sad memories and tragedies.  I wrote about my life, my dreams when and how I receive messages.  It took me about half a day of writing. 

The following day I posted over a hundred around the world but no one responded so I didn’t know what was in their mind.  Many copies I handed to people in personally but some reacted.  They said “you are scaring people” then I answered, “if you don’t believe God you are scared”.  Others said “you must show respect to others” then I answered “I respect others but I am concerned, one day they will believe me if they need me”.  What happened, was some thought I was mad, others insulted me with a smile on their face.  Night by night I kept dreaming and I thought I was going crazy.  When I started writing poems I felt better.  This is how I discovered my writing, then I started writing a book and this is what my book is about. 

I was very young when I started receiving messages by observing what was happening around me.  As far as I can remember back to when I was in my very young years, we were so happy having a big family.  There was abundance as we had hectares and hectares of plantations of corn, rice, root crops, fruits and different kinds of vegetables that my parents delivered and sold to the neighboring towns and the next island.  We had poultry and our cattle were so many that we even hired someone to look after them.  We then moved to a big house and in that year we were so lucky that we had a great harvest.  Sadly that abundance and happiness ended when I was six. My mother got very ill and she suffered from mental illness.  Her sickness started when she was practicing herbal healing and talking about things to come which all turned into reality.  Another thing was when one of my elder brothers took his live-in partner to our house and they lived together with us. My mother was not happy and she said it was a big disgrace in the family.  Her situation became worse when people laughed and insulted her healing and her predictions. Some people called her Dr. Quack but she had already helped many and were being healed but some thought it was with the devil’s work and others said she was a witch.  She couldn’t take anymore and she didn’t understand what was happening, so she ended her own life.  I was seven when mother died, that was 1964 and it was the beginning of my many tragedies. 

I was about thirteen and was in grade six when I had my first dream/message that the angels took me to Heaven.  Up there were many more angels and many children, they were so happy. It was such a beautiful and amazing place, full of everything but I was not happy there.  All I wanted was to go back to my family and friends.  I was about a week there when suddenly I heard a motherly voice calling me, I thought she was my beloved mother but when I looked back I saw the Virgin Mary.  She said we don’t want you to cry be happy and she sent me back here on earth to tell everybody what I have seen.  It was paradise full of love, peace and happiness.   

In 1975 during the month of October my father and I fell ill together.  Even though I was ill I still cared for my beloved father.  A few months later in the middle of March 1976 he died leaving me seriously ill that it took me over a year to recover.  In January 1977 I underwent surgery, in which I had fifty fifty chance of surviving, but it saved my life.  Unfortunately my beloved nephew died in an accident on the same day.  In 1978 another accident happened, my elder brother died instantly.  A chain of tragedies year after year so I thought my life was all tragedy and no more happiness.  

New Year’s Day 1979 there was more tribulations in my life.  I got ill again.  When I woke up that morning my whole body was aching.  I couldn’t walk properly and I was limping.  Sometimes I was crawling and suffered for over six months.  It was so painful that I couldn’t cope with the pain anymore and I blamed God and asked why He was punishing me.  I lost hope and nearly ended my own life.  I attempted suicide three times but I couldn’t do it, and I just cried because I saw the image of Jesus Christ in my altar as if there were tears in His eyes and I could hear in the inside of my head that He was saying “don’t do that”.  After the third time I tried to commit suicide, I kept crying almost the whole day and acted like a mad woman because of so much pain.  I couldn’t eat and I felt very tired and sleepy then a mysterious thing happened in my deep sleep as if somebody woke me up.  When I opened my eyes I saw our Lord Jesus Christ (not dream) standing in front of me, but I couldn’t move and then He came closer then He touched and rubbed where my pain was three times.  In a second He was gone then my body felt lighter.  The following morning my feet were still aching but I went outside struggling by limping and crawling then gathered some herbal medicine anything I could reach.  Three days later I got better and I was walking in God’s power. It was the greatest miracle in my life. 

The Virgin Mary also visited me for the second time in a dream.  She was holding a coconut stick then she pointed to my head and the white silvery light sparked brightly and crowned me then that light went down to my whole body.  It was such an amazing feeling that I felt uplifted and very happy.  A few months later I dreamed of the end of the world. The moon and the sun collided then a big ball of fire bounced and fell down here on earth. The fire scattered everywhere and everything was burned.  In the same year I had another dream that a very old man  (God the Father?) gave me a stone for healing.  Followed by another dream the night before the day of my secret marriage to my first love.  My dead father told me that I have to think about my dignity and to marry publicly. His voice woke me up.  I couldn’t sleep anymore and I kept turning over and over until a very old man appeared again (not dream) telling me “your boyfriend is not your husband to be, you have to wait he will come to you one day” then He pointed to the corner of the room where a big strange man was standing and He said “he is your husband to be”.   In a second both of them were suddenly gone.  

I had another amazing dream when I heard a voice that echoed “you go, you go, far, far away you have a great mission, I am only your protection and salvation wherever you go”.  Another dream followed in which I was riding on a white flying horse together with King Philip (king of Spain 1521 when the Philippines was discovered by Spaniards) and we arrived in Englatera then I met the King and Queen, Princes, Princesses and I was so happy together with them.  In 1992 I got married to a British man and I was able to come and live in England in 1994.  We have two lovely daughters, blessings from heaven above.  Sometime in 1997 I dreamed that I became blind so I couldn’t see where I was walking. When I woke up I knew that someone close to me if not me, would become blind.  Three months later my husband became blind, luckily it has been sorted out, I was very thankful to Almighty God.  Many more dreams followed.  Some are direct messages that has already turned into reality and I knew that some are warnings and prophetic. 

In 1998 I fell ill for the first time here in England and my whole body was covered with blisters.  I suffered for over a year, I reacted badly to all medication and only my prayers and coconut oil cured my sickness.  I also dreamed that I was preaching in the park with thousands of people around me, and I was talking about Jesus Christ, His power and miracles.  In my other dream I also saw Jesus Christ floating in the clouds while I was doing my healing with a dying old man.  In February 2002 I got so ill again that my whole body was aching and I thought I was going to die but I called God, then prayed and I was healed. When I got better I kept dreaming for about a month continually, night after night that I traveled around the world which made me tired.  I also dreamed that I was lost in the thick forest and it took me a very long time to find my way out but to my surprise the right way was going back to my birth village.  Three times I have dreamed of this.  When I woke up every morning I was always very tired with a headache, then felt dizzy and I thought I was going crazy.  That year my elder daughter was seven years old, the same age as me when my mother died and my younger one was about six also the same as my age when my mother suffered mental illness.  I was very worried that what  had happened to my mother might also happen to me and what happened to me will also happen to my children.  As I looked at my children I cried and I asked God our Lord to guide me.  God answered my prayer and He guided me so I bought two big books.  Those explained about the strange happenings and the marvels of human minds so I learned and understood what was happening to me and the things around me.  I bought some more books then kept reading and researching until I had learned and understood many things and have acquired this knowledge of knowing and understanding, a special gift from Almighty God.  After reading many books I started writing poems, then I became a member of poets.com in January 2005. This is how I discovered my gift of writing.  

I really wanted to do my healing before but without papers I was very careful. Then I decided to take a course in Reiki Healing.  In October 2002 I was certified as a Reiki Master which qualified me to do healing as well as teaching.  Later in December of the same year I dreamed of the “Seven Gates” that every gate had guards and inside the gates were different type of needy people, beggars, robbers, drunkards, criminals and many more.  The guards all bowed to me before opening the gate every time I passed and those bad people and criminals they did not harm me.  On New Year’s Eve my elder daughter who was only seven years old wrote her wish for 2003 that said “Dear Jesus our savior, God the provider I would like mummy to be a great healer, I would like daddy to be a millionaire and I would like my sister Joanne to be a nurse and career. When daddy will have plenty of money we will go around the world for a great holiday and we will give some money to charity to help the poor and needy”.  Then I understood my dream.  I have also this gift of dream interpretation and I have already helped many in my family, friends and other people.  Through my dreams I have warned many to be very careful and I advised them what to do to avoid anything bad happening in the future.  I have also done some healing and dream interpretation on the internet which made me feel great.  I feel I am really gifted and I am very thankful to God for giving me another talent, my dressmaking which my family and customers are happy about. 

From February to March 2003 the whole family went on holiday to the Philippines in my birth place.  Many people came to see my healing and my spiritual advice so I spent seven days with them and I felt great and happy.  I also did my preaching in the village center where many attended.   Later that year in August, I went back on my own to gather information about our inheritance land that I kept dreaming about which bothered me so much that I suffered sleepless nights.  After one year I went back again to visit the inheritance land and that was the first time I actually stood on it, everything I saw in my dreams was all there.  I investigated and started processing the papers of ownership.  After eighteen months I got the title of the land and it is now in my name.  This is only the beginning and a very important part of my mission that I already saw in my dream.  The future of my great grandfather’s land is the future of his great, great grandchildren and for their future generations.  I trust everything to God’s hands and His Will be done. 

From 2002 up to the month of September 2006 I received many dreams/messages.  In October 2005 I dreamed that the quarter moon was falling down. I feel it is a continuation of my dream when I was still young about the end of the world.  I witnessed in my dream some robbery in the supermarket and in jewelry shop.  I saw the burning of the building and the person who started the fire and the snatcher of someone’s wallet. I even dreamed about Tony Blair twice a few months before the London Bombings and in July 2006 I had another dream about him.  I dreamed about Princess Diana three times and the Queen mother once together with her few weeks before she died.  Prince Charles I dreamed twice, the Queen many times, one she was together with her husband, and my latest dream about her was in September 2006 when she was the speaker at international exhibition. Elton John and other well known people were also in my dream. I also dreamed of calamities and disasters before they happened, like the tsunami, land slide/mud flood in Leyte and the oil spill in Guimaras island which happened in the Philippines last February and August 2006.   

I have also received some messages/dreams from the Virgin Mary, that was last year in October 2005 when we had a holiday in Lourdes, France.  In my dream she was sad and I saw the buildings were burning and the war in which I felt there was no ending.  In my latest dream on August 13, 2006 the Virgin Mary told me that the “heatwave is coming, heavy rain and strong flood”.  In my dream I told the people about what was about to happen but they didn’t believe me.  Instead they laughed and insulted me, when the heat wave came, I felt many were burned but I escaped with only a few people following me.  The Virgin Mary instructed me where to go and we arrived in a safe place.  The last message I received was on October 1st 2006 from Pope John Paul 11 that he was holding both my hands tightly.  He was instructing me what to do.  The many dreams/messages I received sometimes made me worried with many sleepless nights but I always pray and trust in Almighty God our Lord.  I know I have a mission and I have to accomplish it by following God’s Will.  Full details of my dreams are in the part 2 of this book “Messages of My Dreams”.     



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