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Dreams of mission/helping the needy


In between 1979-1980

The very old man and the healing stone


It was a beautiful day and I was in the middle of our rice field.  The rice was golden and ready to be harvested.  I could see insects flying and some were crawling up the rice’ stalks and leaves.  I also saw some birds flying above and I could hear some were tweeting up the tree by the sides of the rice field where it was surrounded by two rivers.  When I looked up in the sky, I saw a plane.  I looked around again and I saw a very old man coming towards me.  I watched and waited for him until he arrived in front of me.  He stopped walking, looked at me and said “I have something for you” then he put his hand on his breast above the heart and I saw a stone he was holding brokeinto two equal parts. I saw each of his hands holding half a stone.  He said, “in my right is a stone for healing and in my left is for you to become wealthy, you have to choose”.  I smiled and looked at him, then I said “I want that stone on your right”.  He asked me “why do you want the healing stone?  Don’t you want to be wealthy?”  He handed me the stone and held both my hands with His two hands while I answered His questions. I told him that “I want to do the healing to anybody who is ill; young and old, poor and wealthy.  If the wealthy will become better, he/she will give some wealth to me and I will also become wealthy, then I can help more people especially the poor and the needy”. I didn’t know if he had given me the other half of the stone but I could see that he was holding both my hands tightly with his two hands, and I could feel the stone became warmer. In a second, He faded away carried by the wind upwards.


When I woke up, my hands were still in a position of holding something but when I opened them, there was nothing.  It was very clear that His face resembled Jesus Christ but He had many wrinkles. I believe He was God the Father.  I fully believe that God the Father, the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are one.  I knew that He had given me a healing power through that stone for me to see it in my dream.  In my waking state I couldn’t see that power but I could feel that the Holy Spirit is always with me.  Every day I am talking to God Almighty our Lord by praying and thanking Him.


Sometime in 1982



I heard a voice that echoed “you go for far, far away place, you have a mission, I am your only protection and the salvation of all nations, wherever you go” then I woke up. (I went back to sleep and another dream followed).  I saw seven to nine women and I understood that all of them had two names, with their first names being Mary except the Virgin Mary.  Mary Magdalene was one of them but the second names of others were not clear. The Virgin Mary said “you have to go to a far away place for you have a mission, God is with you and we are always here to protect and guide you”.


When I woke up, I tried to recall the second names of others but it was not clear, I could only remember the name of Mary Magdalene.  The voice I heard was a male voice. More mysterious dreams followed but I just ignored some of them.  I decided to move to the southern part of my country in Mindanao, after breaking up with my boyfriend and I stayed there for over ten years. They were my lucky years there. I had established two businesses (dress shop and beauty parlour) and had a part time job as a supervisor in an insurance company and beauty products.  I really enjoyed being there and I made friends and had admirers.  There were also many challenges at that time and I believe they are the path of my life’s journey.


8th December 2002

Seven Gates


My plane had just landed at the airport of Iloilo, my birth province.  My eldest sister N met me and I wondered why she was the only one.  We passed a place which was familiar to me, looking like the farm where I was born.  The scene changed, we were passing the little bridge and I saw a man whom I thought was my brother in law.  I called him, he turned and looked at me but he wasn’t my brother in law.  We kept going; we passed by a place where my sister left her bike and I understood that someone was looking after it.  She put my luggage and other things on the bike then pushed it carrying all my things.  While we were walking, I asked my sister if she knew the place and she answered that this was Santo Domingo. While we were talking of many things, she said that there might be many people waiting for me because they knew I was coming.  I asked my sister if they knew that I do healing and her answer was “yes”. We kept walking in that strange place and I knew it was a rough area and has a number of gates to pass through.  We were in the first gate, there was a guard, then I knew that every gate had a guard.  I understood that you needed to pay or give something to the guards before being allowed through.  Inside, I saw a boy whom I knew to be a robber and a woman walking together with a noisy drunk man.  We entered the second gate that was full of hay.  Inside were a lot of beggars and children who were asking for money.  I saw another gate close by; we got inside and the people there were happy while three little girls were singing.  Around them were many children dancing and on my right I could hear people laughing.  Some people there were just sitting while others were busy chatting.  On my left was another gate we had to enter. In there, I saw a dirty old woman crying, I moved closer, asked her what was happening. She was very embarrassed while looking at me and she was sighing.  She pointed somewhere behind her at an old dirty gate where I saw a man she was scared of. I understood that the man was very cruel. Suddenly, I saw him jumping then running towards another gate.  I knew it was gate number five where I saw the bloodied guard on the ground fighting for his life. I heard the ambulance coming and gate number six immediately opened. Behind me, I saw the 7th gate, the biggest in that place. The guards were holding keys and straws together with their drinks and food. They were so bad and very strict and I felt it was difficult to get out but my sister assured me. She said that if we told the guards her husband’s name it would be alright as everybody knew her husband and they all respected him.  When we approached the guards they nodded their heads and we got out without any hassle.  Outside were shops selling food and drinks and I saw some table and chairs where many people were eating.  There was also a shop that sold fruit and vegetables.  The place was strange to me but the people were happy and friendly.  In the distance I saw a big shopping centre and I told my sister that I wanted to go there.


When I woke up that morning, I felt sorry and pity for those people in my dream.  In my heart I really wanted to help them.  I then prayed and asked God our Lord to guide and provide for me financially so that I can help those poor and needy people.    


21st November 2007

Big party, Children no clothes


There was a big party; it seemed close to my sister’s house in my birth place. Many people were helping and preparing for the party.  Close by was a house with a balcony. There were many children climbing the fence to see the party. I ordered some people to give food to the children.


When I woke up, I felt so sorry for those children without clothes and I am sure they have no food as well.  I know God has a plan for me and I always ask Him to guide and provide for me financially so

that I can help the needy. 



16thFebruary 2008

Feeding hungry children


My husband, our children and I were walking somewhere in a farm.  We were going to the next village where we could take a boat going to Nasidman Island.  We arrived somewhere and waited for a bus.  The scene changed, I saw myself feeding the hungry children.


When I woke up, I could still feel sorry for the children. I want to do that in the future if I have money.  I then remembered the beach resort in Nasidman Island which is facing the house of my niece where we stayed in 2007.t I can help the needy.  



 6th July 2009

Squatter Area


The scene was in the Philippines, in the squatter area.  The squatters were living at the back of a school building.  They were using empty plastic sacks as roofs and cardboards as walls of their shelter.  There was an old woman with a little boy, about 6-7 years old living there.  I was inside their dwelling and the old woman gave me only rice.  I stayed with them for a while and she was very hospitable.  I went away and I didn’t know how long it took me.  I next found myself back in the squatter area. I looked for the old woman and the little boy because I had something to tell them.  The people there could not tell me where they were.  In my mind and in my heart I wanted to help them.  I told the squatters that I would find them one day.  Before I left that place, I assured the squatters not to worry about their situation that I wanted to help them especially if I succeeded in going abroad.


When I woke up, I immediately remembered my previous dream about the seven gates.  I prayed to God to provide me financially so that I can help these people in the squatter area.  I know this is my mission to help the poor and the needy as I promised in other previous dreams when the very old man gave me a healing stone.  All these dreams are connected and I know it is about to turn into reality. I have already started helping the poor and the needy and had given them some thingsduring our holiday in my birthplace in 2007 and in May 2010.

Here are my significant dreams and visions.  More dreams and visions are available in my books