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Visions/Dreams October-November 2012



The Flying Torch

(Vision 3rd October 2012)


I was riding in a light of a long flying torch

While looking down, I saw a thick forest

Amazon River and the green mountains

It’s so beautiful seeing the healthy trees

How lovely and fascinating gazing around

It would be nice if I am there on the ground.


I could see a big city in a distant

Full of big and tall buildings, so crowded

The torch flew closer, it was raining

Water keeps rising and it’s flooding

I said, I’m not happy watching this

And I wanted to leave the place.


The torch flew somewhere in USA

We’re floating above the big city

Inside my head flashed New Orleans

Bigger and taller buildings I’ve seen

It’s also raining, water everywhere

It kept rising and I felt not safe there.


I said, I wanted to go to a safer place

Torch floated above Mexico, I guess

It was in a small village in the farm

A lovely place, the weather is warm

People are happy, they know each other

They work together and help one another.


People grow organic crops and animals

I could see poultry, piggery and cattle

Wild fruits & vegetables are abundant there

Lots of fishes and ducks swimming in the river

What the people needs are all in that place

Not luxurious but they’re full of happiness. 


We flew to the place where I was born

In the Far East country, the Philippines

I saw nice resorts and white sand beaches

Green mountains and the underground river

But it’s raining in the big city, water everywhere

The place submerged, I don’t know where.


I felt that I wanted to go back to the UK

Immediately the torch floated up its way

Water everywhere in the middle of Britain

The heavy rain is pouring, flooding again

I felt that no place is safe in this world

Where shall I go?  I asked the Lord.


Then the torch flew towards the Middle East

I saw many soldiers, war tanks in heavy fight

I asked myself. How can I stop this war?

What/how can I help? Is this war forever?

In my head flashed “spread the love” I heard it

The voice brought me back to my waking state.


Written 5th October 2012

By: Laureana Cacho Sheppard




25th October 2012

Five eyes tornado/storm


I saw a big tornado/storm with five eyes heading to my birth village.  When it was very close, it split and I heard a very loud cracking sound.  1/5 part with one eye moved towards the northern side and 4/5 part with 4 eyes was moving towards the village centre.  I didn't know what happened next, I saw myself by the river bank clinging to the roots of a tree.


When I woke up, I interpreted my dream that a strong storm will hit my birth place the Philippines within 7 days, 7 weeks, 7 months to 1 year up to 7 years. First week of December 2012 (within 5 weeks) typhoon Pablo hit southeast Philippines passing to the central part of the country and went out to central west then u turn to northeast of the country.  Many died in the south east of the country due to strong wind and strong/flash flood.  About quarter of a million were homeless. Friday 8 November 2013 typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) devastated Philippines including my birth village in Iloilo in the island of Panay, the 6th island attacked by  the typhoon. The strongest typhoon in history.



Warning to the world (vision)

5 November 2012


I floated with a group in a white light that looked like a white cloud.  When we were high up in the sky, the white light/cloud split and I was separated from the group.  I saw Jesus Christ in a colourful robe (rainbow colour) His robe kept flashing, close to Him was cloth that looked like a flag with big words “WARNING TO THE WORLD”.  The words kept flashing.  Jesus said “TELL THE PEOPLE TO PRAY, THAY HAVE TO PRAY TOGETHER”. I looked down to the earth, I couldn’t see anything, it was very dark.  I asked the Lord what’s happening, what will happen to me and my family, His answer “KEEP PRAYING”.  I looked down again, I saw a group of people kneeling and bowing on the ground.  This group of people kept flashing.  After a while, the light begun to show and I saw a big bird flying towards me.  There was something in its beak that looked like a rolled brown paper.  The word “PEACE” flashed close to the bird then the rolled paper on its beak opened, full of joint writings.  I tried to read but I couldn’t, I was back to normal state.


What will happen in the future is already written in the book of revelations. In 8 November 2013  typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) devastated central Philippines. While I was watching the news of the devastation in the TV, I have goose bumps because what I saw was in my dream. 




13 November 2012


I saw the planet Saturn.  Its ring was going round and round so quickly.  There was someone with one eye looked like human being.  In my head flashed Horus/Torus. He said “there will be a big destruction, their planet and our planet are connected with each other, that distraction will have a big change.  I asked if is that the end of the world, his answer is NO just a big change,  people will receive messages, they need healing, what you are doing now is good, you have to do/continue your healing, people need it. He added, when that destruction comes you need to connect to the highest power (God) and call your spiritual guides )guardian angels)  I asked what will happen.  His answer, you don’t need to see/know, it will happen naturally, be sure to connect to the highest power and your spirit guides.


Psalms 91:1-4, Whoever goes to the Lord for safety, whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty, can say to Him.  "You are my defender and protector, you are my God, in you I trust".  He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers and from all deadly diseases.  He will cover you with His wings; you will be safe in His care.  His faithfulness will protect and defend you. Please continue reading Psalms 91:5-16.



 16 November 2012

Black Death (dream/vision after 3:30 pm)


I saw in the newspaper big bold words “BLACK DEATH IN GERMANY


When I fully awake, I felt so bad and very worried of thinking what I saw in my dream.  I just called God and keep praying.



26 November 2012



I saw group of people dying some were my younger brother’s family.  I saw the river in our farm no more water, very dry and I understood that there is drought.


I got a feeling that there might be drought and famine in the future, not only in the Philippines but it will be around the world.  Could be in the near future.





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