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At the age of six, I already  know about healing  by observing my mother who was very spiritual and she was practicing healing.  Unfortunately she died when I was seven, leaving me with a little knowledge in healing.  My healing process started when I tried to heal myself for the painful feeling I suffered.  I prayed  and talked to God everyday and asked the Virgin Mary our Heavenly Mother to look after me. 

When I was about thirteen, I had my first dream that the angels took me to heaven.  Up there were more angels and many children and they all welcomed me.  The place was so beautiful like paradise and everything we need was there.  It was peaceful; full of love and happiness.  I was not happy up there, all I wanted was to go back to my family and friends.  I felt that I was about one week of sighing and crying up there.  I then heard a motherly voice, I thought was my mother I was longing for.  When I looked where the voice came from, I saw the Virgin Mary.  She told me "my child don't cry, you're so precious, you can go back now.  This dream enables me to tell my family, friends and other people about heaven or paradise.

When I was a teenager, my father and I got ill together at the same time.  Six months later he died, leaving me seriously ill.  I didn't know what to do,  God was the only one I would always call then pray.  I knew He was there to guide, protect and heal me.  I used to go to church every Sunday and offered flowers to the altar.

In less than a year from my father's death, I had undergone surgery and my life was saved but my nephew had an accident and died in the other hospital the same day.   After one year, another tragedy my elder brother also died in an accident.  He helped pay my tuition fee in the university.  As if I couldn't cope anymore but I tried to move on and continued my accountancy as a working student.  I was so happy and thought that one day I would have an easy and good job when finish my career but that happiness and excitement didn't last long. 

In New Years  Day of 1979, I got ill again.  my whole body was aching and it was difficult for met to get up.  I couldn't walk properly so I was forced to quit my schooling.  I was limping sometimes crawling and  I suffered for over six months.  The pain worsened when I remembered the chain of tragedies and I thought my life is designed for sufferings.  I give up life which I thought  to end my life is the end of my sufferings.  I attempted suicide for three times but was not able to do it because every time I tried I would pray and ask forgiveness to God our Lord.  While I was kneeling at the front of my altar, as if I could hear the voice of God inside my head saying " Don't do that" and as if I could see tears shedding in the crucifix.  The last time I attempted , my hands were shaking  holding pesticide and was ready to take it but I felt the Holy Spirit was with me.  The same thing happened, as if I could hear God's voice and could see His tears falling down.  I put down the pesticide then asked forgiveness to God and cried.  I prayed and asked Him to heal me and I begged again and again.  I did it for almost whole day without eating until I became tired and fell asleep.  In the middle of my deep sleep, I felt someone woke me up and I heard the rooster crowing.  When I opened my eyes, I saw Jesus Christ standing close to my feet looking at me but I couldn't move.  He then moved closer to my left hip where the worse pain was.  He then bent and touched my hip, rubbed gently towards my leg down to my foot.  He did it for three times. In a second He faded  away then I was able to move and I heard more crowing of the rooster. I then got up and lit our lamp but I couldn't see anybody in the room.  I lit a candle in my altar and started thanking and praying.  I felt lighter and went back to sleep. The following morning, I had still pain but I tried to go out and collected some herbal medicines in which I felt would cure me.  I mix them with coconut oil then rubbed to where the pain was.  I did it every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep.  Three days later, I felt better and I knew I was walking with God's power. 

I had a dream that I was in our rice field and I saw an old man coming.  I  waited for him then  He said " I have something for you"  then put his hand in his breast over his heart. I then saw a stone broke into two equal parts then in his each  hand he was holding a half stone and asked me to choose.  He said "In my left  is a stone for you to become wealthy and in my right is a stone for healing.  I smiled and looked at him then said "I want in your right".  He  handed  to me then held both my hands tight and asked "don't you  want to become wealthy?" I answered "I want to heal people; young and old, poor and wealthy.  If I heal the wealthy and become better they will share  their  wealth to me then I can heal more people to make them healthy and happy." In a second he faded away.

I believe that the old man is God the Father that His face resembled to Jesus Christ.  The only difference is the many wrinkles in His face.   My vision and dreams made me fully believe that God really exists;  I also believe that God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is one. 

In the same year, the Virgin Mary visited me in dream for the second time.  She was holding a coconut stick then put it on my head.  To my surprised, it crowned me with a white silvery light then spread down to my whole body.  It was an amazing feeling then she faded away.  In the morning, I felt lighter, very happy and thankful of the great blessing from the Divine and Heavenly Mother. 

Now I know why I was given the healing power in which the Almighty Father showed me in dream in the form of stone.  This special gift is not only for myself but I have to share to anyone who needs it.  I understand that this is a part of my mission in which I dreamt that I heard a male voice "You go, you go to a far away place, I am only your protector and the salvation of all nations" I woke up and went back to sleep followed by another that I saw 7-9 beautiful women; Their first names is Mary, one is Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary  told me that "you have to go to a far away land because you have a mission, God is with you and we are always with you to protect and guide you.".  When I woke up I tried to recall the second names of others but couldn't remember them.

I combine my Spiritual, Faith and Reiki healing. A distant healing can be requested.  I  do Indian Head massage combine with Filipino massage (hilot). I also do dream interpretation as part of my healing.  See Dreams and Messages page.

If  you want to know more about my healing, you can go to my contact details and email or call me.

My healing is free but I accept donations.