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Text Box: Laurie’s Creations
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I suffered a long time of dreaming night after night and couldn't sleep properly. I had mysterious and prophetic dreams.  I was brought by the many angels to heaven. where I saw more angels and many children. The place was beautiful and peaceful which is full of love and happiness. I saw the moon and the sun collide then a big ball of fire fell down here on earth, fire scattered everywhere that nowhere to escape.

In some of my dreams, I was traveling around the world and I saw the many happenings. Sometimes, I got lost and took me a long time to find my way. In the jungle, many animals want to attack me but I managed to escape. I was floating on a stormy ocean holding only a small wood then found myself safe by the seaside. The bridge broke when I was in the middle, luckily I managed to cross. Somebody wants to kill me but I defended myself and I killed him. Having a baby when I was single and I saw my two daughters before giving birth to them. Riding in a white flying horse together with King Phillip of Spain that took us to Englatera, this dream was before coming here to England. Before I met my husband, I saw him in my dream.

I saw the tsunami three months before it happened.  The Virgin Mary told me to get ready; heat wave, heavy rain and strong flood are coming. I saw war with soldiers of different nationalities and I felt it was endless. I  heard many bombings, missiles and nuclear bombs.  In the crucifix, I saw tears fell down in the Lord’s cheek then I asked the Holy Spirit why, “a big catastrophe is coming” was His answer. I also saw famine, draught, diseases, pests, drugs and more chaos to come.  I had some dreams that I am healing and advising people.

Those dreams made me tired and sleepless nights with headaches.  No one had helped me, so I prayed to God to guide me, then one day I bought a book that helped me to understand what was happening. I bought more spiritual books,  many were about dreams and healing. .  I have read books about psychology and some authors are psychiatrist, their patients have mysterious dreams and it helps a lot in curing their sickness, if they understand their dreams.  Through further research,  I have gathered more information.

Through my own experience, reading and research I was able to have the knowledge of knowing and understanding by interpreting my own dreams and healed myself.  With my special gift, I can also interpret other people's dreams and I want to help anybody who is disturbed with their dreams..

Aside from family and friends, I already helped and interpreted dreams of other people around the world. Dreams are important in our lives and the messages are connected to the future.  If we take our time to understand them, we can prepare for the future. Some dreams are prophetic and direct messages, others you need to understand the symbols. It depends on your situation, you need to understand what’s happening and observe what's around you.

 If you don’t understand your dream or bothers you, and disturbs your sleep, why not ask me I can help you to feel better, happy and healthy.  Full details of my dreams are  in "Dreams and Messages" page.

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Here are my significant dreams and visions.  More dreams and visions are available in my books