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Around The World

To all my friends and family around the world

I thank God our Lord
That around the world
I have family and friends
We communicate if it needs
Whatever is happening
We are always sharing
In all our happiness
And all our sadness
Many are in my birth land
In the Philippine island
Some have different nationality
That live in different country
In Bahamas is my husband's stepsister
In Trinidad is her sister, brother
Her mother and her stepfather
In Canada is my cousin and godmother
Some cousins and friends in America
I have also friends in Australia
Cousins and friends in Saudi Arabia
And my best friend in Austria
In Israel many friends and nieces
Also in Hong Kong and in France
I have also niece in Italy
And some friends in Germany
My second cousin is in Spain
Many friends in Japan and Taiwan
Different races in Great Britain
We don't always see each other
But mobile phones are everywhere
Anywhere we can text and cheaper
A telephone call is exciting
For a short call it's enjoying
And if you have a computer
To receive e-mail you feel happier
In video cam we can see each other
And we are happy talking together
What a great modern technology
That we can communicate in anyway
Above all thanks to God our Lord
For creating this wonderful world.

  © Laureana Cacho Sheppard



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